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Commercial Lease Disputes — Both Parties Should Abide By The Contract

Landlords owe a responsibility to tenants to keep a facility up and running, and to make repairs in a timely manner so businesses can continue to function. Tenants owe landlords a responsibility of being good caretakers of a property and paying their rent on time. When either of these parties fails in these responsibilities, there is a conflict.

Leases are created to outline each party’s duties to the other and signed to acknowledge that everyone understands. If you are in a dispute over your commercial lease, our Texas attorneys can help.

Hubble & Pistorius has more than 25 years of experience in all forms of real estate litigation, including commercial landlord-tenant issues. We represent plaintiffs in cases against their opposition and have a long history of winning to our names. We offer efficient and effective representation with high-quality customer service.

Common Issues In Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Our lawyers represent clients with these and other complaints:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Excessive rent increases
  • Common area maintenance charges
  • Boundary, easement and license claims
  • Environmental issues
  • Materials storage
  • Damage claims

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of real estate and contract law. We carefully review your lease and your situation and then find the best solution to your problem.

Many conflicts between landlords and tenants can be resolved with negotiation or mediation. As one of the premier trial firms in Texas, we have the capability and the experience to bring your case to court if that is what is required to resolve it.

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