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Tradition Of Winning For More Than 25 Years

Fort Worth hotel fire damage $872,500

Dallas house fire $1,284,500

Japanese restaurant fire $756,000

Dallas business and personal property (contents) fire loss $811,000

Brownsville warehouse metal roof high wind damage from Hurricane Dolly $750,000

Denton apartment roof damaged by wind storm – Appraisal Award $656,018

Dallas apartment roof damaged by hail storm – $469,760

Denison historical building damaged during renovation $460,250

Restaurant alleged arson fire $364,500

Fort Worth bingo hall fire damage $310,877

Dallas Big box retail store (vacant) flood damage $251,012

El Paso apartment fire loss, loss of rents $260,415

Dallas auto repair shop business interpretation claim $202,000

Weatherford metal riding arena roof hail damage $189,745

Austin household contents fire damage $157,500

Auto accident wrongful death single male $1,185,000

Auto accident head/brain injury child 535,000

Auto accident eye injury $110,000

Austin apartment construction defects $4,885,000

When An Insurance Company Fails To Honor Your Insurance Policy

As consumers, we expect our insurance coverage to provide for us in unexpected situations. All too often, policyholders are left scrambling for answers when insurance companies fail to act in their best interests.

At Hubble & Pistorius, we are all too familiar with tactics used by insurance companies to deny legitimate claims. If your claim has been denied and you are looking for answers, we can help.

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Insurance Bad Faith — What is it?

When an unanticipated event happens — a car accident, an illness, a house fire — we go to our insurance companies for answers. Insurance bad faith occurs when an insurance company fails to provide coverage for a policy-covered event or occurrence. This can involve denying a claim altogether or paying out less than what the claim is worth.

Hubble & Pistorius handles insurance bad faith claims involving all types of insurance:

  • Auto insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Flood insurance

How We Can Help

Insurance companies always hold an advantage over policyholders when it comes to the claims process. We have seen countless times the ways insurance companies maneuver the claims process to come out ahead.

Hubble & Pistorius represents policyholders only.

We will hold your insurance company accountable for providing coverage when you deserve it. While you may feel helpless in this situation, we have years of experience representing people just like you. If you have questions about an insurance policy, insurance claim, or coverage under an insurance policy — we provide you with answers and skilled representation to protect your rights under the policy and achieve results.

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