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Texas Construction And Design Defect Litigation Lawyers

When a business or an individual spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new facility, an apartment building or a home, it is expected that the construction and design will meet specifications and function correctly.

Unfortunately, construction and design defects occur on a regular basis and are frequently found after the building has been in use. To hold the architect, general contractor or design firm accountable and get them to make repairs, you may need to take them to court. Talk with an experienced Texas design defect litigation attorney about your rights.

Hubble & Pistorius is one of the premier trial firms in Texas. We have built that reputation on efficient and effective work as well as being responsive to our clients and offering them quality service. Our history of winning extends more than 25 years, and we serve clients all over the state.

Holding The Right Parties Accountable

Architectural firms, general contractors and their insurance carriers will do everything possible to minimize or deny their liability when it comes to design defects and who is supposed to repair them. John Hubble spends a great deal of time and effort in tracking down the responsible parties and showing how and why they are liable. He has years of experience handling construction litigation as well as in-depth knowledge of Texas insurance laws. He vigorously pursues remedies to your design defects.

We have extensive experience handling these and other construction issues:

  • Building code violations
  • Improper installation of water barrier membrane
  • Retaining walls
  • Improperly drawn architectural designs
  • Geo-technical surveys
  • Engineering plans
  • Foundation faults
  • Plumbing faults

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