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Did Your Commercial Property Sustain Flood Damage In Hurricane Harvey?

Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on the Houston area, leading to historic flooding throughout much of the greater metro area. For many of the commercial properties affected, damage estimates total millions of dollars and property owners, managers and public adjusters may be surprised and dismayed to learn that their insurance policies either do not include flood coverage or contain very low flood insurance sublimits.

At Hubble & Pistorius, we have decades of experience taking on insurance companies and holding them accountable. Our seasoned attorneys are highly knowledgeable in all matters related to commercial insurance litigation and will aggressively pursue a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Flood Damage? You May Be Surprised.

When it comes to insurance policies and flood coverage, nuance matters. There is no black letter law for insurance coverage terms and every insurance company uses different terms, definitions and endorsements — all of which affect the interpretation of coverage. For example, your insurance company may flat out deny your claim on the basis that your policy does not cover flood damage or limit your payout to the flood inclusion sublimit amount. Upon closer examination, however, we may discover that your policy includes a named storm clause and that flood damage related to a named storm like Hurricanes Harvey or Irma is covered.

Additional factors that may affect whether flood damage is covered by your insurance policy and the claim payout amount include:

  • Does a policy include applicable exceptions or exclusions?
  • Is a policy ambiguous or unambiguous on its face?
  • Is your insurance company using an older or updated policy form?
  • Does a policy include a partial or total business interruption clause?

Our experienced attorneys are familiar with the tactics insurance companies commonly use to deny claims or severely limit payouts and take swift action to counter these actions. Meticulous in our approach, we thoroughly examine every provision of an insurance policy to identify and exploit ambiguous language and cite applicable case law that favors your position.

Representing Commercial Property Owners And Mangers Throughout Texas And Florida

If your commercial property sustained flood damage due to Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area or Hurricane Irma in Florida, you may experience difficulty in obtaining the insurance money you are entitled to under your policy. If your insurance claim was denied or you have questions about your policy’s flood inclusion sublimit, call a lawyer at our office in The Woodlands at 281-362-2705. We can also be reached at our offices in Dallas by calling 214-361-1262 or you can also reach out to us online through our contact form.