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When You Pay For Flood Insurance, You Expect Your Policy To Cover The Damage

Between hurricanes on the Texas coast, heavy rains and major plumbing problems, our state has its share of flooding. However, insurance companies frequently try to deny coverage for flood issues, even for policies with flood insurance.

An insurance company’s job is to take in as much money as possible and pay out as little as possible. Regardless of what your policy says, insurance adjusters will offer the minimum when it comes to covering damage to your property. To rectify this situation, talk to a Texas attorney regarding your options for flood damage.

Hubble & Pistorius has handled numerous cases involving insurance companies failing to pay for the full cost of repairs after flood damage has occurred. Our firm has a 25-year history of victory in insurance litigation cases. We have achieved this through efficient and effective work and offering exceptional customer service by remaining approachable and responsive. Our knowledge of insurance law and our dedication to resolving our clients’ cases is our formula for success.

What Is “The Right Kind Of Insurance?”

Many people enter into an insurance contract with the understanding that their homes or businesses will be fully repaired if damaged by water. However, once a claim reaches the claims department, it seems like the rules change. An insurance policy may cover flooding, but not wind damage. The insurance company may say that wind caused the water damage in the building and not flooding, thereby denying your claim for coverage.

It is important that your lawyer has a full understanding of insurance law as well as the tactics insurance companies use to deny and undervalue claims. Our firm has this knowledge and we will use it to review your insurance policy and the claim you made, as well as the assessment of the damage to your property.

Your case may not require litigation; we frequently resolve insurance coverage issues through direct negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Our reputation for holding insurance companies accountable has made us one of the premier trial firms in the state. If your case does require going to court, you can rest assured we will put that reputation to good use.

We Will Pursue Fair Coverage For Your Flood Damage

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