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When A Natural Disaster Or Fire Results In Business Closures And Losses

The purpose of business interruption insurance policies is to restore a business to the economic position that it would have been in had there not been an occurrence or insurable loss. That’s why businesses buy these policies.

Unfortunately, when it comes time to use these policies because wind damage, flooding or some other issue is impacting or preventing business from being done — the insurers who have sold these policies will often substantially undervalue the losses of their policyholders or deny their claims entirely.

Our firm offers clients outstanding service, representation and results in assessing the impact of a disaster and quantifying business losses.  Discuss your business interruption claim with an experienced lawyer by calling the law offices of Hubble & Pistorius or by contacting us online .

Business interruption insurance policies often cover:

  • Loss of rents
  • Lost business income or cash flow from operations
  • Additional expenses incurred due to the loss of use of destroyed assets

Whatever types of losses you have suffered, we will work closely with you and be available to answer any questions or concerns throughout the entire process. We will also work closely with various business specialists as needed, and with forensic accountants to assess and reconstruct a clear and compelling financial picture of the totality of your losses.

Attorney John Hubble has been practicing law for more than 30 years and has an extensive amount of experience with business interruption claims and lost profits litigation. He knows this state’s insurance laws and knows how policy language regarding business interruptions and lost profit claims has been applied and interpreted by Texas courts. He can help to restore your business to the position it should be in today.

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