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Businesses And Homeowners May Be Liable If Construction Doesn’t Meet Code

When you hire a construction company to build out your business premises or create the home of your dreams, you expect the end result to pass building code inspection. Any violations can delay the progress of your business or your move-in date.

Worse yet, if a building code violation is not caught during inspection and causes a failure later on, what do you do? As the property owner, you may be liable if someone was hurt by this incident. There may also be issues with insurance coverage because of the violation. You need an experienced attorney to help you hold the construction company accountable.

Construction defects can be fraught with complications. At Hubble & Pistorius, we have more than 25 years of experience handling complex litigation. We are intimately familiar with Texas law and building codes. Our lawyers work efficiently and effectively to bring your case to a successful resolution.

Following The Trail Of Responsibility

Construction litigation can be very complicated due to the large number of parties that may be responsible for the problem. General contractors hire subcontractors to come in and complete a portion of the project. Subcontractors purchase equipment and materials from vendors, who purchase it from manufacturers. Tracing down the parties responsible for the failure takes time, work and knowledge.

Our attorneys are personally involved in your case. This detailed knowledge of your situation and the issues surrounding it helps them build a strong case. We believe in this dedicated work ethic and know it is part of what helps us carry on our tradition of victory.

Our firm has handled many building code violation issues, including:

  • Electrical code violations
  • Plumbing code violations
  • Roof code violations
  • Truss failure
  • Structural code violations
  • Accessibility code violations
  • Gas code violations
  • Energy code violations
  • Elevator code violations
  • International residential code violations
  • International fire code violations
  • Commercial code violations

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