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Are You Getting The Insurance Money You Deserve?

Insurance companies always hold a big advantage over their policyholders when it comes to the claims process. Armed with a battery of legal and forensic experts and extensive resources used to investigate claims and minimize their liability in any way possible — insurance companies often “bully” individuals, businesses and families who do not have the experience necessary to handle a disputed claim for coverage under an insurance policy.

Without foreknowledge of the policy, coverage, exclusions, and interpretations, the insured feels helpless when presented with the insurance carrier’s interpretation of the policy terms and settlement offer. Oftentimes, injured individuals and families recover less than what the policy provides, and sometimes, nothing at all.

As long as the insurance company has your settlement money, they are winning. We’ll fight for you to get it back. Call or  contact Hubble & Pistorius for a free consultation today.

At Hubble & Pistorius, we know property insurance laws, are well-versed in the interpretation of insurance policy language and offer extensive experience with property insurance litigation as well. As a firm, we resolve property insurance disputes and handle property damage litigation involving:

We offer clients outstanding service, representation, and results in all aspects of property and casualty claims, including litigation, mediation and arbitration. If you have questions about an insurance policy, insurance claim, or coverage under an insurance policy — we can answer them and provide you with the skilled representation you need to protect your rights under the policy and achieve results.

Most importantly, we are on your side and your side only. We only represent policyholders, never the insurance companies.

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