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Were You Injured In A Workplace Accident Involving A Third-Party?

Most Texans who suffer serious work-related injuries have only one option for recovery: workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation only covers medical expenses and a portion of lost wages — and offers nothing at all for the more serious and very real losses associated with catastrophic injuries.

Others — those who have suffered serious or fatal injuries because of bad equipment or the negligence of individuals other than their employers or co-workers — have another option: a lawsuit. These people can seek to recover full compensation for their personal and economic losses, and damages for pain and suffering as well.

At Hubble & Pistorius, we handle workplace personal injury and wrongful death claims on behalf of people and families throughout the state of Texas. We have extensive experience in these matters and have established a more than 30-year-old tradition of winning these cases for our clients. We welcome you to become part of our winning tradition as well.

Be a part of our winning tradition. Call either of our Texas law offices or contact us online for a free consultation regarding your construction accident or serious work-related injury today.

Attorney John Hubble handles workplace personal injury cases resulting from:

  • Construction falls
  • Construction equipment accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Oil/gas explosions
  • Refinery accidents
  • Electrocution accidents
  • Accidents and injuries caused by defective products
  • Manufacturing plant accidents

We strongly believe our firm’s success in these and other types of personal injury cases is the direct result of our decision to focus on handling fewer, but more serious accidents. This enables us to invest more effort into each case, to spend more time getting to know our clients and to understanding all the ways in which they and their family’s lives have been affected. The results of this formula have helped us to establish ourselves as one of the premier trial firms in Texas.

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