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Fort Worth hotel fire damage $872,500

Dallas house fire $1,284,500

Japanese restaurant fire $756,000

Dallas business and personal property (contents) fire loss $811,000

Brownsville warehouse metal roof high wind damage from Hurricane Dolly $750,000

Denton apartment roof damaged by wind storm – Appraisal Award $656,018

Dallas apartment roof damaged by hail storm – $469,760

Denison historical building damaged during renovation $460,250

Restaurant alleged arson fire $364,500

Fort Worth bingo hall fire damage $310,877

Dallas Big box retail store (vacant) flood damage $251,012

El Paso apartment fire loss, loss of rents $260,415

Dallas auto repair shop business interpretation claim $202,000

Weatherford metal riding arena roof hail damage $189,745

Austin household contents fire damage $157,500

Auto accident wrongful death single male $1,185,000

Auto accident head/brain injury child 535,000

Auto accident eye injury $110,000

Austin apartment construction defects $4,885,000

Recovering Compensation After A Truck Accident

Highway safety is an issue of great concern to most Texans. Even so, the sheer volume of personal and commercial vehicles that travel Texas’ streets and highways has made accidents between cars, motorcycles and semi-trailer trucks an all-too-common sight. In many cases, these accidents are found to have occurred when trucks were driven recklessly, were poorly maintained or were loaded in an unsafe manner.

For truck accident victims to obtain compensation — they must be able to prove that some type of negligence occurred. Unfortunately, they are rarely left in a position to do that on their own. Here, they find the kind of experienced legal representation they need and more.

If you or members of your family have recently been involved in a Texas truck accident —  contact Hubble & Pistorius online for a  free consultation, or call us directly in Austin or Dallas, Texas, today.

At Hubble & Pistorius, we offer extensive experience with cases involving semi-trucks, big rigs, tankers, tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles — accidents that present unique issues not always associated with typical roadway mishaps. These differences include:

  • Governmental regulations and rules
  • Greater likelihood of serious injuries or deaths
  • Licensing requirements
  • Negligent hiring claims
  • Negligent supervision claims
  • Negligent maintenance claims
  • Unique insurance coverage issues

We understand the unique legal and practical problems associated with truck accidents and have experience dealing with the insurance issues that arise in such cases. Our goals include protecting your interests where litigation is necessary, but also providing resources to help educate the public when injuries are caused by the negligence or carelessness of trucking companies — something we do in hopes of increasing road safety for everyone traveling the roads, highways and byways of our state.

Statewide Representation and Results
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To talk about a semi-truck or 18-wheeler crash and learn more about your legal rights and options — please call either of our two office locations, or contact us online for a free consultation with attorney John Hubble.